Livestream of the draw this Saturday

The draw of the U21 European Deaf Football Championship takes place in Stockholm on Saturday, 10 march at 18.00 o’clock (CET +1). The event will be streamed live.

We are going to livestream the draw from 17.30 o’clock (CET +1) at our website

Don’t miss the draw!

The draw is hosted by EDSO and the Swedish organizing committé for the tournament. Representatives from EDSO are Luuk Ruinaard and André Brändel.
If you want to come and watch the draw live at Clarion Hotel, Ringvägen in Stockholm, you are heartily welcome!

Participating countries in U21 Euro Deaf Football Championship are Sweden, Ukraine, Russia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Turkey, Greece and the reigning champions from 2016, Poland.
The tournament kicks off with an opening ceremony at 16.00 o’clock on Wednesday, 1 august. Sweden plays the first match at 18.00 the same day. After the draw on saturday we will know who will play against Sweden in the opening match.

Joachim Sundström
U21 Euro Deaf Football
Swedish Deaf Sports Federation