broadcasts all matches in the Championship!

We are very pleased to introduce our partner,, who will sponsor us with its platform, equipment and people with live broadcast of all matches under the U21 EC. We will also have experts who will comment on some of the matches in International Sign. We look forward to the cooperation with during the Championship!

Livestream of the draw this Saturday

The draw of the U21 European Deaf Football Championship takes place in Stockholm on Saturday, 10 march at 18.00 o’clock (CET +1). The event will be streamed live.

We are going to livestream the draw from 17.30 o’clock (CET +1) at our website

Don’t miss the draw!

The draw is hosted by EDSO and the Swedish organizing committé for the tournament. Representatives from EDSO are Luuk Ruinaard and André Brändel.
If you want to come and watch the draw live at Clarion Hotel, Ringvägen in Stockholm, you are heartily welcome!

Participating countries in U21 Euro Deaf Football Championship are Sweden, Ukraine, Russia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Turkey, Greece and the reigning champions from 2016, Poland.
The tournament kicks off with an opening ceremony at 16.00 o’clock on Wednesday, 1 august. Sweden plays the first match at 18.00 the same day. After the draw on saturday we will know who will play against Sweden in the opening match.

Joachim Sundström
U21 Euro Deaf Football
Swedish Deaf Sports Federation

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Participating countries

Eight teams will participate in the 2nd U21 Euro Deaf Football Championship. Poland is the reigning U21 Champion from their latest home championship in 2016. Other teams are Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the hosts Sweden.

Sweden took an surprising bronze medal at the 2016 championship in Poland.

A player list for each team will be published at the start of the Championship in August.


Swedish Deaf Sports Federation cooperates with Clarion Hotel Stockholm, Quality Hotel Globe and Zinkensdamm Hostel. These hotels are our official partners for the countries’ lodging during the Stockholm Championship. The hotels are in a good area close to both Hammarby IP and Zinkensdamm IP.


Inspection has been taken place in August 2017 by André Brändel, EDSO Assistant Technical Director in football. The report had been made to Technical Director, Andrew Scolding.

Remember the final entry registration to EDSO before 1 st December 2017. The name registration of 30 players before 1 July 2018. 23 players name registration before 14 July 2018.

The number of U21 teams (Men) may go up to 12 teams or more in Stockholm. No qualifier at this stage. We hope more countries will come to Sweden and U21 European Deaf Football Championship.

We have included women U21 team as it is possible to hold demo tournament. Possible up to 3-4 teams. If there is only two countries of women team (seniors welcome too) we can hold one or two game between the countries during the U21 championship.

U21 Football Technical Regulation will be similar as in Wroclaw 2016, except the eligibility of player, that they must be at 21 years of age or under at the start of the Championship (born on or after 1 January 1997).

The draw for European U21 Football is expected to take place on Saturday 10th March in Stockholm. We will livestream the draw at our website. We will also inform later about the start time of the draw.

The match schedule of the Championship will be put up directly after the draw.

We offer you three different hotels in Stockholm. The hotels are Quality Hotel Globe, Clarion Hotel and Zinkendamm hostel. All the hotels are near the south of Stockholm and are close to the football arenas Kanalplan and Zinkendamms IP.

The hotel reservation will be made through our organization committee. The reservation should be sent to and you should gave us the following information; which hotel you want to reserve, how many double rooms and single rooms you want to book. The double rooms will have two separate beds at 90 cm. Breakfast is included the room price. For the lunch and dinner you will make the reservation by yourself at the hotel. Outside the hotel area you will find many good restaurants in the Stockholm city and the area of Skanstull.

Below you will find the hotel and their price for the rooms/night. We have a registration fee for the championships included transportation from airport and back, between hotel and practice area and also from hotel and back at game-day. In the registration fee also included accreditation photo, t-shirt, program folder and a map of Stockholm City.

The hotel rooms will be available from 30 July to 11 th August. The championship will started at 1th August and closed at 11 th August. The hotel rooms are only included breakfast. For lunch and dinner at the hotel please contact the hotel for reservation.

Please see the attached poster of the U21 championship. You will also find the web address of the championship, but please be patient. The official homepage will continue with more information in month of February or March. The drawing should also be official in this homepage in March and also at Swedish Deaf Sports Federation homepage and EDSO: s homepage

Quality Hotel Globe
The hotel has 78 twin double rooms and 24 single rooms. Twin/double rooms with separate beds 95 EUR (990 SEK) per room and night including breakfast. Single room 85 EUR (890 SEK) per room and night including breakfast. See hotel information attached.

Clarion Hotel
The hotel has 52 twin double rooms and 16 single rooms. Twin/double rooms with separate beds 104 EUR (1090 SEK) per room and night including breakfast. Single room 95 EUR (990 SEK) per room and night including breakfast. See hotel information attached.

Zinkendamms vandrarhem (hostel)
Zinkendamm Hostel has four-beds room. Including breakfast 36 EUR per person/night. Toilet and shower in the same room. You will need to bring your own towels and bed sheets. You can also rent towels and bed sheets at the hostel for total 8 EUR for all the period of stay. We have reserved 20 rooms at the hostel (total 80 persons).

The preliminary reservation of hotel rooms should been made to latest 15 th January with payment of 30 % before 15 th January to Swedish Deaf Sports Federation. Swedish Deaf Sports Federation will send you an invoice. If you cancelled the rooms you must do this before 15 th March. FINAL reservation with 70 % payment should be done to Swedish Deaf Sport Federation before 15 th March. Swedish Deaf Sports Federation will send you an invoice.

After that date we will not pay back the fees if you made a cancellation. Registration Fee; (both athlete and coaches/leaders) This included service, transportations and accreditation photo, t-shirt, program folder and a map of Stockholm City.

Every country/team will have 1-2 volunteers to contact with questions and service every day. The registration fee each person is 60 EUR. This will be paid before 15 th June. Swedish Deaf Sports Federation will send you an invoice.

If you arrange your own transportation from airport and during the championship between hotel and practice and game-arena, the participation fee will be 30 EUR per person. Be aware that every country will also have to pay 20 EUR per player and 30 EUR per official to EDSO for Registration fee.

On Monday 30 th July and Tuesday 31th July the teams will arrive to Arlanda Airport. After the pick-up the teams will go to accreditation photo Centre and then after to the hotel. A technical meeting and information from the OC will be held at Tuesday 31 July time 16:00h at Kanalplan football arena, Hammarby IP or Clarion Hotel. Practice time for the teams at different football areas will be available on both 30 th and 31 st July.

If your team comes before 30 th July, please inform us for preparations. The Opening Ceremony will be held at Kanalplan, Hammarby IP on Wednesday 1th August at time 15:00h. Directly after the opening ceremony the games will be started as the time of the match schedule.
The official match ball will possible be NIKE. The referees are from Stockholm Football federation and Swedish Football Association.
All the practice areas and match areas will be played at artificial grass regarding to the short Football season period in Northern Europe.

Deaf sports Club, IK Hephata will provide volunteers during the U21 Euro Deaf 2018. Audiogram controls can be made at a Hospital in Stockholm. We will inform you later. Doping controls will be made during the championships, cooperation with Swedish Federation of Sports and Doping Committee. See attached hotel information and poster for EuroDeafU21 in Stockholm 2018. We will send you more information soon as possible. If any questions please contact us at

Best regards,
Joachim Sundström
Sports Manager
Swedish Deaf Sports Federation